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Please note that the individual spreading properties of the spread material have a significant influence on the lateral distribution and spread rate. For this reason, the listed setting values should only be considered as a reference.

The spreading properties depend on the following factors:
  • The fluctuations in the physical data (specific weight, grain size, frictional resistance, cw value, etc.) within the same type and brand.
  • The different properties of the spread material due to weather factors and/or storage conditions
As a result of this, we cannot guarantee that your spreading material, even with the same name and from the same manufacturer, has the same spreading properties as the listed spreading material. The specified setting recommendations for the lateral distribution are based exclusively on the weight distribution and not on the nutrient distribution (this applies particularly for mixed fertilisers) or the active substance distribution (e.g., for slug pellets or lime). Claims for damages not caused by the centrifugal spreader itself are excluded.

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